Blacktip Shark, 6-24-14, Miami Fishing Report & Charters, #Miami.

Miami Fishing Report, 6/24/2014: Blacktip Shark ~ #Miami

Miami’s fishing report for today:  blacktip shark fishing!

We catch and release a lot of blacktip sharks which put up a great fight!!!

Please see additional fishing reports, photos and videos at our other fishing report sites for Sanibel, Captiva & Fort Myers.

We report on inshore and offshore fishing in Miami.  Were mostly focused on fishing the channels, grass flats, passes, oyster bars, mangroves and near shore fishing, but we’ll also give you an update on deep sea fishing if a Captain sends us a report!

Consistent with the near shore fishing theme, we post on fishing for redfish, snook, sea trout, pompano, snapper, grouper, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, hog fish and other game fish!

We also report on going after bigger fish, including bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, sandbar sharks, spinner sharks and black tip and black nose sharks.  We’re very strong proponents of catching and releasing sharks unharmed.

Generally, unless you are going to eat a fish that is in season and of the appropriate size, we say let ‘em go to get bigger, have some fun and catch ‘em again another day!

At the right time of the year, we also post on tarpon, cobia and king mackerel when they are running!

Miami is increasingly one of the capitals of the Caribbean and Latin America, and the culture and fishing is some of the best in the world!  Whether you’re a serious fisherman or woman or a family looking for a great adventure, you are going to like Miami fishing!

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We’re just getting started in Miami, but we’re looking forward to reporting on Miami fishing!

If you are a local fishing guide/captain and would like to submit photos and reports, please let us know.  All are welcome.  You can reach us @

Happy fishing!

The Miami Fishing Report Team!