Tampa Fishing, Saturday, 11-28-15, Puffer Fish, Tampa Fishing Report & Charters, #Tampa.

Tampa Fishing Report, Saturday, November 28, 2015: Puffer Fish ~ #Tampa

Tampa Fishing, Saturday, 11-28-15, Puffer Fish, Tampa Fishing Report & Charters, #Tampa.
Tampa Fishing, Saturday, 11-28-15, Puffer Fish, Tampa Fishing Report & Charters, #Tampa.

Today’s Tampa fishing report: Puffer Fish!

Saturday, November 28, 2015: Florida Fishing Report, Tampa fishing, puffer fish, catch and release; most of the time we fish Tampa’s flats, passes, oyster bars, inlets and islands.  Sometimes we’ll go offshore of Tampa a couple of miles or so if we’re fishing for goliath grouper, or tarpon or sharks.

We’re big advocates of catch and release, particularly for snook, but pretty much for most species.  Only take what you are going to eat, and a lot of fish are better off as sport fish, even if they are in season.  Our motto is let ‘em get bigger and catch ‘em again!

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Tampa fishing is some of the best in the world!  A fishing trip is a great family adventure and your children will love it!

The Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater area has some of the nicest beaches in Florida, including Ford Desoto’s North Beach, Caladesi Island and Siesta Key!

Perhaps more important to fishing, the Tampa-St. Pete area has a great coastline structure and topography. Barrier islands stretch close to 70 miles from North Pinellas to Venice. In general, barrier islands mean great fishing habitat because they create passes where fish move on the tides in concentrated fashion, and also protected back-bay areas for the overall ecosystem.

On parts of the west coast of Florida, including the Tampa area, the barrier islands also tend to still have large protected mangrove areas.   Mangroves are critical to the whole lifecycle of the ecosystem. Mangroves are often truly foundational to the formation of the islands and their decaying leaves feed microorganisms that are the starting point of the food chain that leads up to tarpon and sharks at the top of the system!

We’re just getting started in Tampa, but we’re looking forward to reporting on Tampa fishing!

If you are a local fishing guide/captain and would like to submit photos and reports, please let us know.  All are welcome.  You can reach us @ FloridaFishingCharterReport@gmail.com.

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Happy fishing!